The holidays are hard enough…

I got some not so great news today. First I heard back from the detective, and they aren’t going to take it to the grand jury after all. Did I mention that Mary hasn’t had to talk to the police? She just keeps avoiding them and apparently she can do that and they can’t makeContinue reading “The holidays are hard enough…”

Final Restraining Order

So today took a strange turn of events. I went to court assuming we would adjourn for another day. My lawyer had another case at 10am. One of his associates who was new came along. I get to court and I’m trying to figure out where to go. I see my lawyer so I waitContinue reading “Final Restraining Order”

Rotisserie Chicken Trigger

I really didn’t see this one coming tonight. Not in a million years. Last week Carter wanted a rotisserie chicken, but it wasn’t covered and I didn’t have extra money. So we had to put them back. I picked Carter up from school today and while we were driving home I mentioned I have toContinue reading “Rotisserie Chicken Trigger”

Mary’s email taking back the agreement.

Today I got an email from my lawyer. It literally said “I can’t believe I’m forwarding this to you”. Mary signed the consent order and sent an email stating that she no longer objects to the adoption. The county clerk asked her lawyer to have Mary sign it and send it back. Apparently when herContinue reading “Mary’s email taking back the agreement.”

Mother’s Day Trauma

Today is a day to celebrate for a lot of people. It also is a hard day, one with mixed emotions. Mother’s and Father’s Day are the hardest for Carter. I think more than any other holiday. He is constantly reminded that the people who are supposed to be his mother and father aren’t, atContinue reading “Mother’s Day Trauma”