The holidays are hard enough…

I got some not so great news today. First I heard back from the detective, and they aren’t going to take it to the grand jury after all. Did I mention that Mary hasn’t had to talk to the police? She just keeps avoiding them and apparently she can do that and they can’t makeContinue reading “The holidays are hard enough…”

Final Restraining Order

So today took a strange turn of events. I went to court assuming we would adjourn for another day. My lawyer had another case at 10am. One of his associates who was new came along. I get to court and I’m trying to figure out where to go. I see my lawyer so I waitContinue reading “Final Restraining Order”

Finding the bright spot

Carter is having a rough time lately. After my last post Carter asked me if he needed too much or if he was bad. I said no why? He said he was wondering if that if why his parents don’t want to see him or be apart of his life. He then texted a bunchContinue reading “Finding the bright spot”

Family Fractures

Drugs and mental illness has fractured our family. It started when my mom’s mental illness became too much for my dad, and he left. I was six at the time. We still saw him every other weekend, and some time a little longer, but he no longer lived with us. He couldn’t handle my mom’sContinue reading “Family Fractures”

The hard parts of Kinship…

Written on May 1, 2022 Kinship care is hard. I’ve never fostered a child who wasn’t related to me, but I’m guessing that no matter what it’s hard. The parts that are hard for me is the family part. Mary is my sister and I love her, and right now she blames me for herContinue reading “The hard parts of Kinship…”

Motion for reconsideration to overturn the adoption

Today was a good day, but it was also a hard one if I’m being honest. I was stressing all day about how this hearing would go today. I was worried that the adoption would be overturned. It wasn’t, but it came really close. We got onto the zoom call and we were all on.Continue reading “Motion for reconsideration to overturn the adoption”

Adoption overturned?

So, on Friday I got an email from my lawyer. I had been told that the Judge put a stop to Mary coming on zoom. Turns out that was true but it was because it was during the actual adoption hearing. Apparently someone in the surrogate’s office told Mary and her lawyer that the adoptionContinue reading “Adoption overturned?”

Rotisserie Chicken Trigger

I really didn’t see this one coming tonight. Not in a million years. Last week Carter wanted a rotisserie chicken, but it wasn’t covered and I didn’t have extra money. So we had to put them back. I picked Carter up from school today and while we were driving home I mentioned I have toContinue reading “Rotisserie Chicken Trigger”