The holidays are hard enough…

I got some not so great news today. First I heard back from the detective, and they aren’t going to take it to the grand jury after all. Did I mention that Mary hasn’t had to talk to the police? She just keeps avoiding them and apparently she can do that and they can’t make her talk to them. So they aren’t going to do ANYTHING about what Mary did to Carter. Also, DCPP hasn’t been able to talk to her either. I was so upset about this today. It just doesn’t seem right or fair to be honest. The system is so broken.

Carter forgot his phone at home today. He also had to be at both of the basketball games today. He is the mascot for the basketball season. I honestly looking back think that Carter forgetting his phone was a blessing. Carter got home a little after 6pm.

All of a sudden I heard him freaking out. I asked him what was wrong. He said she has my number. I was like who has your number and he said Mary does. She texted him, nothing negative to the naked eye anyway. I know since she hasn’t talked to the police that she doesn’t know about the not going to the grand jury. There was a particular phrase that she and Carter used to always say to each other. She said that phrase. It really set Carter off.

We have a final restraining order against Mary, and Carter is listed on it as well. It is very clear she isn’t allowed to communicate with him under any circumstances. I called the police and they came.

They were here for a while, and then of course Carter asked for dinner. I hadn’t made it yet because of everything going on, the dinner I had planned on making would take at least 40 minutes and it was already pretty late. So I took the kid out and got him a sub.

When we returned home he ate his sub. Then he started crying and was very upset. I laid in bed next to him and stroked his hair while he cried himself to sleep. He has gotten up two more times already tonight. I hope he is finally all the way settled down for the night.

The police said they would tell me after they went to her apartment to arrest her how they made out. I haven’t heard anything yet. They might have forgot. She is really good at avoiding the police.

The holidays are already hard enough for us. Mary has made for some traumatic Christmas events in the past. This just isn’t fair. Carter has been through enough, and it feels like she just keeps to just keep bothering us. If I’m being honest I’m constantly on edge. I am always weary of the cars behind us, I constantly check our cameras, I worry when Carter walks around the block or neighborhood. Mary is so unpredictable. I’m very angry at my brother for giving her Carters number. He knows better than that! Here we are less than a week until Christmas and instead of my brother making that time better, he instead makes things worse. He knows he wasn’t supposed to give her that number. I really and praying that we see how God is going to use this soon. I know he will use it I just don’t know how or when.

Update: Mary was arrested and then released with a summons for next year.

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