Final Restraining Order

So today took a strange turn of events. I went to court assuming we would adjourn for another day. My lawyer had another case at 10am. One of his associates who was new came along.

I get to court and I’m trying to figure out where to go. I see my lawyer so I wait for him. He tells me he is going to ask for an adjournment, and he introduced me to his associate. We walk and then wait outside the court room for a little bit. The court officer comes out and takes our attendance.

We are let into the court room and Mary is no where to be seen. The police had told me she was served on Sunday afternoon, so she knew about today. My lawyer told me that she will probably ask for an adjournment and it will be granted so she has time to get a lawyer.

Then finally after waiting a while the Judge comes in, she goes over the consequences of the restraining order for those involved. She said some other things but to be honest I was so nervous I wasn’t focusing well. I couldn’t help but notice that Mary still wasn’t there.

I also noticed that all those people who had a restraining order filed against them were in one place, away from their accusers.

Then the Judge addresses the lawyers in the court room and asks who they are there for. The judge calls my lawyer by name and asks who he is representing. She asks if Mary and I are present. My lawyer says that I am, but Mary isn’t.

Then she has him approach the bench. They say a few things and I hear the Judge ask can your associate handle the default. The associate says that she can. I ask what is going on and she tells me to hold on for a second.

Then the three of us go into the hallway. The lawyer explained that default means that they will go forward with the hearing without Mary there, because she didn’t show she didn’t get a chance to defend herself. They go over what will happen in the court room and they tell me that his associate will handle the default. Unless Mary shows up before the judge calls our case.

We went back into the court room and it wasn’t long before the judge called us. Mary still hadn’t showed up, so I gave testimony and after all was said and done I was granted a final restraining order, Carter is also listed as a protected person on it as well.

The court said they were going to order Mary to get a psych evaluation and medication management. I really hope she gets the help she needs.

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