Adoption overturned?

So, on Friday I got an email from my lawyer. I had been told that the Judge put a stop to Mary coming on zoom. Turns out that was true but it was because it was during the actual adoption hearing. Apparently someone in the surrogate’s office told Mary and her lawyer that the adoption was happening at 9:30am. Well it was scheduled for 9am. So now we have a hearing for reconsideration on June 10th.

My lawyer thinks that the end result will be the same. He also thinks that the adoption will be overturned and a trial will be scheduled. He also thinks that the adoption will be granted. At what cost to Carter? This means that Carter will have to testify. Carter has been so settled and so happy this past week and a half. There is a lightness to him that wasn’t there before. I’m literally going to have to tell Carter that the adoption was overturned and we have to go to trial because someone made a HUGE mistake. I know the judge has to give it air, because if not it can be turned over on appeal so quickly and easily. Im so tired to this broken system. This was supposed to be done, and yes I expected her to appeal. This is just so much worse.

The other thing that kills me is that Mary is his abuser, and she will now get to traumatize him again. She has all this power and control. We would never do this to a domestic violence victim. An abused child though? An even more vulnerable person? We will allow that to happen? What has happened to this country? To this justice system?

I know God has a plan, I know God is in control. I just also am so hurt and angry. I love Carter and the idea that I’m going to have to break this news to him… ugh. He keeps going around and praying to God and thanking him for the adoption. Today at church so many people came up to me saying congratulations and “it must be a load off”. It’s just not right now.

I will update after the hearing on the 10th, but I’m pretty sure I already know the outcome. Please pray for Carter’s heart in all of this. Thank you.

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