Rotisserie Chicken Trigger

I really didn’t see this one coming tonight. Not in a million years. Last week Carter wanted a rotisserie chicken, but it wasn’t covered and I didn’t have extra money. So we had to put them back. I picked Carter up from school today and while we were driving home I mentioned I have to stop at the store. I said I need some chicken. Carter got so excited, and I realized he thought I meant the rotisserie chicken. Carter I said I am getting uncooked chicken, as it is covered. Well he just lost it.

He started by saying how mean I was because I wouldn’t get the chicken. I explained again it wasn’t covered and not in our budget. He said it’s $5. You are probating thinking that’s nothing. It may only be $5 but things are tight right now. With the adoption costs and some other things I just don’t have for extra right now.

Then he started yelling at me. I told him that if he continued to yell he’d loose his video game time. He said he didn’t care. Well, he lost his video game time. He started demanding his video game time and going on and on about how he will get it one way or another. I asked him what this was about serval times but he just said the rotisserie chicken.

He had issues for over 2 hours. He refused to leave the room so I could have my therapy session. Stating if he couldn’t have his games then I couldn’t have my therapy. Dinner ended up on the floor. I was at my wits end.

He eventually calmed down and was rational again. According to Carter, Mary would never buy him a rotisserie chicken and when I said no it reminded him of her. Carter said that he remembered all the times she hurt him. He also said he was also worried about the adoption and how Mary is going to react. He is afraid of an issue on the day of (and not I didn’t say anything). This took over 3 hours from start to finish. In the end we were both exhausted.

We talked about how we both could have responded or handled things different. Then we prayed together and also confessing the ways in which we didn’t handle things well. In the end it we worked it out. Who would have thought all this over rotisserie chicken?

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