Mary’s email taking back the agreement.

Today I got an email from my lawyer. It literally said “I can’t believe I’m forwarding this to you”. Mary signed the consent order and sent an email stating that she no longer objects to the adoption. The county clerk asked her lawyer to have Mary sign it and send it back. Apparently when her lawyer sent it to Mary, she stated she wouldn’t sign it and that she wanted to withdraw from the consent order. I’m not going to lie my heart sank when I read this. I also got pretty upset and angry. You would think I saw this coming, but I didn’t.

I spoke to my lawyer and I asked him what it mean. It said he didn’t know, other than we would be having a trial on the 18th most likely. I asked him if he thought it would be good for me to reach out to Mary. He said yes so I did. I wrote to her telling her that Carter invited friends to his adoption and was looking forward to it. I asked her to consider what she was doing. I expressed how upset Carter would be if it wasn’t happening now, and the negative affect it would have on their relationship. She hasn’t responded, and I didn’t really expect her too.

The county clerk emailed Mary’s lawyer and my lawyer. He stated that at this point the consent order has been signed and processed and the adoption is scheduled to happen on May 18th, based on Mary’s representations to the court the signed consent, her email withdrawing her objection to the adoption, her failure to comply with the court order to get a hair follicle test, and her not showing for case conference with the judge. He said that if Mary wanted to object to the adoption she would need to make a formal signed filling. He stated that they can arrange for Mary and her lawyer to show up virtually on the day of the adoption to express her opposition to the adoption and the Judge will address her position then. He also said that she should file a formal filling before that then.

After I got over my anger and upset about the email. I got sad real sad, as much as this is the right thing. I’d be amiss to not say how hard this must be for Mary. I know she didn’t make the right choices, I know she is sick. It is still also such a hard thing for her I’m sure. Mary is sick and needs help. She is my sister and she really doesn’t like me right now. I can guess as to why she blames me for so much, but I have only ever tried to do right by Carter. Mary is legally loosing her right to her son, regardless of the circumstances that is a very sad and very hard thing. I can only imagine what she is going through right now.

I hope for Carter’s sake that she will not file a formal filling. That she will let the adoption go through. I hope one day they can have a great relationship. I hope that one day we can be sisters. I miss her, I miss my sister. I will keep you updated. Hopefully we will have an adoption next week.

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