Agreement made!

So today we had mediation again. Following the last mediation that was two weeks ago. Mary was supposed to call a number to set up therapeutic visitation with Carter. Everyone showed up, and well it didn’t start off great to be honest.

Mary said she wasn’t able to get a hold of anyone, and she said that she couldn’t set up therapeutic visitation yet. It kinda felt like this was going to be a huge issue. Mary went on to explain that we maybe should have another mediation when this was set up. My lawyer explained that we didn’t need it to be already completely set up in order to make an agreement. Mary said she wanted to it set up before the agreement, and again said maybe we should have another mediation. The mediator stepped in and said that we already had three mediations for this and that we really only should have had one. She said she stretched it to try and help resolve this issue but that if it wasn’t resolved today then it would go back to the judge. Mary then interrupted and said it was only two mediations scheduled. The mediator said the first one you didn’t show up to. Mary then said I didn’t just not show up. The mediator then said anyway, so do we need to do break out rooms? She asked Mary’s lawyer and he said he’d do a breakout room with her. Mary said that she just was concerned that if she couldn’t use the one place for therapy that she’d be stuck and that I wouldn’t agree. My lawyer then suggested that we put something in there about other options. Mary then said that she also has an issue with the drug test. She called Labcorp and she needs a script in order to get a blood test. She can’t just walk in, and that the doctor said they wouldn’t write her a script for something they don’t do in their office. Mary said her doctors office only does urine tests, and they don’t do blood work. The mediator asked did you ask if they will write you a script for blood work. Mary said she did and they said no. My lawyer said that maybe she needs to find a different Doctor because he’s in another case where this is something the one parents does regularly. Mary stated that her doctors office just won’t do it. My lawyer said it’s not a requirement unless the therapist thinks that she is under the influence of drugs or alcohol when she goes to visitation with Carter. Mary said that she really doesn’t know how the drug test is going to work. She said that she needs it hammered out before she will sign anything. That the blood test is a real issue. It was explained that she needs to find a doctor who will write her a script for a blood drug test. She said ok.

Then we started talking about the agreement. When it got to the part about the program Mary got really upset. The mediator said okay so Mary and Carter will attend therapeutic visitation with the program we outlined or another agreed upon therapist. Mary said no way I can’t trust that my sister will agree to anything. She can’t be the one to decide if the therapist meets her standard. The mediator explain that I would have complete care for Carter and it would be unreasonable for me not to have a say. Mary said no I don’t like that word agree, because my sister won’t agree.

At this point my lawyer said, I think maybe we should just let Mary go in front of the judge next week. We are wasting my clients time and money. All these things we agreed to last time and we were just waiting to give her time to set things up. Now everything we previously agreed upon she seems to be fighting. She didn’t want a hair follicle test so we agreed to a blood drug test. We said she only had to do a drug test if the therapist thinks it is required, instead of before she can even start seeing him. We are now fighting over my Client being able to agree to a therapist if the other program doesn’t work. She can explain to the judge that she hasn’t done any of the things the judge ordered her to do. Mary hasn’t gotten a drug test and she hasn’t released her medical files regarding her treatment. I think maybe we should just let Judge Sonny decide this next week at our case conference.

Mary said she’d agree to the adoption she just didn’t like the word agree when it came to me. Mary said she’ll never agree I can’t sign that. I said then put it as Carter’s therapist agrees. I trust him, and I’m fine with that. Mary said ok.

In the end what was ultimately agreed upon was that Mary would agree to the adoption and she would still be able to see Carter, starting first in a therapeutic setting. Now we are still waiting on the signed agreement before I tell Carter about this. It was at the end of business close, so I don’t expect to hear until tomorrow. I’ll write an update here when I do.

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