Update on Adoption Stuff

So Mary’s lawyer had told my lawyer that he hasn’t talked to her that was yesterday. However, I guess they talked today. They came back and said she might be open to an open adoption where she can see Carter and call him. Carter had therapy today so we discussed it in therapy. The thing is it doesn’t matter what I want, it matters what Carter wants. I want to make sure I’m representing his wishes accurately. During therapy Carter said he doesn’t want to see her or talk to her ever again. I asked him if he’d be willing to keep the same arrangement we have now. They need to go to therapy first (once she set it up) and repair their relationship. Mary would also need to be stable, clean, and sober. She would have to prove a lot. I don’t want them to never talk again. I would love them to have a good relationship. Mary has to get healthy first. Apparently she wanted a guarantee that she could go to Carters graduation. That is four years away. I told the lawyer it would depend on her. She isn’t coming around unless she is stable, clean and sober. Hopefully this means that she might agree to the terms and no longer object the adoption. This would be the best situation for Carter, who is the one who wants to be adopted. We shall see, only time will tell. On the upside, he seemed to handle it well. We haven’t had any acting out about it.

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